Areas of Expertise

  • Occupational health and safety in brick and construction sector
  • Preventive health measures, focusing of safe drinking water, improved hygiene practices and sanitation


Technical support to Chandragiri Municipality and Kathmandu Metropolitan City for cholera/AGE prevention and preparedness program through awareness generation and water quality improvement activities

This project provided technical

Improve Access to Safe Drinking Water at Work Place and Urban Poor Community

This project improved access of safe drinking water at work places and urban poor community and created demand through social

Preparing squatter/slum communities for health emergencies focusing on WASH

This project aimed  to improve the access of safe drinking water to slum and squatter communities

Private Sector Engagement Possibility for Water Supply Scheme Management

Carried out a study to promote market-based approach for functionality of water supply schemes (WSS) and safe drinking water

Survey on Water Sources and its Quality at Squatter and Indigenous Settlements in Kathmandu Valley

This project performed an assessment of the quality of drinking water and their sources at squatter