Areas of Expertise

  • Design, development and dissemination of renewable energy technologies
  • Research and development on alternative fuels
  • Assessment and design of policy and regulatory framework
  • Preparation of strategies, polices and plans to increase energy access and reduce GHG emissions
  • Feasibility and detailed feasibility study of renewable energy projects
  • Environment and social impact assessment of renewable energy projects


Building village economies through climate farming & forest gardening Project

This project provided technical assistance to BeChange project

DFS of large commercial waste to energy biogas plants

We accomplished the conduction of detailed feasibility studies of large commercial biogas plants with capacities ranging from 1500cum to 3500cum. Name [...]

Business Potentialities Assessment for energy-based enterprises in the partner (rural) municipalities

Business opportunities assessment

Preparation of Municipal Energy Plan

Supported 8 partner (rural) municipalities of Renewable Energy for Rural Areas (RERA) program

Energy baseline surveys of (rural) municipalities in Province 1 and 7

Conducted a survey of energy baseline situation

Preparation of Training Modules for Large Biogas Construction Companies on New Technologies like CSTR/MIBR/FD and UBS Systems

Prepared a construction manual

Conduction of Energy, Environment & Economic analysis and Testing of different types of cooking fuels and clean stoves available in Nepal

This project provided an inventory

Promotion of non-carbonized pellets (biomass based fuel) in MSME sector via technical and market Assessment in Nepal

Carried out a technical and market assessment of non-carbonized pellets for MSME application in Nepal

Monitoring of uncompleted and additional subsidy supported Micro Hydro Projects

Carried out monitoring of under construction micro hydro projects initiated in ESAP I and II and prepared detailed status report

Implementing the Green Growth Potential Assessment (GGPA) in Nepal

Conducted Green Growth Potential Assessment (GGPA) to support Government of Nepal (GoN) to build a solid analytical foundation for defining

Alternative fuels: An assessment of the prospects for Nepal

This project developed better understanding of the potential on offer and quantification of the sources of waste

Research on Viable Technology to Meet the Industrial Demand of Char, as Alternative Fuel in Brick Kilns

Demonstrated viable charring technology to meet the industrial demand of char, as an alternative fuel