Our Team Members

Usha Maskey Manandhar

Managing Director
Expert - Techno-Social Integration

Ms. Manandhar has been an integral part of the team as a founder member since its inception in 2008. Ms. Manandhar leads the group passionately as Managing Director since in inception. With a Master degree in Sustainable International Development from USA, and over twenty-five years of active work experience in the development field, She had worked with the founding team in VSBK for a long time and felt comfortable with the group. When the idea of opening their own organization was floated, she was an eager participant. She says the team is solution oriented, dynamic and hard working. A unique part of working with the team, which comprises mostly of technical talents, is that problems and issues are approached in an integrated way through both social and technical lenses. She feels that the two blend very well, creating a very innovative and interesting scenario. Usha is very passionate about her work, which is reflected in the way she has helped build the organization into a highly respected and reputable place. She has provided services also in Mongolia, Rwanda, Burundi and South Kivu/DRC.

Suyesh Prajapati

Program Director

Mr. Prajapati has specialized in technology transfer management with focus on Energy and Environment. He is a Masters in Environment with specialization in Climate Change Adaptation from Griffith University, Australia. He also has a Masters degree in Renewable Energy from Tribhuvan University and a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kathmandu University.

He has over 15 years of experiences and led several national and international studies/projects related to energy baseline and feasibility studies, municipal energy plan, preparation of municipal energy guideline, business potential assessment, policy analysis, and strategy development in the field of renewable energy, climate change adaptation and green growth. He has provided services also in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa and Rwanda.

Sanu Babu Dangol

Program Coordinator / Civil Engineer

Mr. Dangol is a Civil Engineer by profession. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. He has more than fifteen years of experience in civil construction work for various private consultancies as well as development organizations. Clients seek him out for his easy going and pleasant nature and his high work ethics. Sanu is a founder member of the team of organizations. He says that they started on a small scale with bricks and have now moved on to bigger areas like energy, building constructions, bio gas, improved cooking stoves, development of new technologies like innovative machineries. His work interests him a lot. He works more in the field. He says his heart swells with pride when he sees what the team has achieved after their initial days of struggle. He has provided services also in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda and Rwanda.

Binita Shrestha

Renewable Energy Officer

Binita has been working with energy sector particularly biomass and micro hydropower for over 8 years. She received her Master’s degree in Engineering in “Energy and Environmental Management with specialization for Developing Countries” from Europa Universität Flensburg, Germany and has held Renewable Energy Officer position at MinErgy Pvt. Ltd. She also holds a Master’s degree in “Environment Education and Sustainable Development” and Bachelor’s degree in “Environmental Engineering” from Kathmandu University. She has experience in monitoring and supervision of energy projects, carry out research and development to improve energy efficiency, developing digital survey, digital data analysis, energy access analysis and municipal energy planning.

Ritavrat Joshi

Senior Program Officer

Mr. Joshi has specialized in renewable energy technology design and transfer along with water supply and WASH intervention advocacy and assessment approaches. An Environmental Engineering graduate from Kathmandu University with a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering from Tribhuvan University, he has over 9 years of professional experience and has led several national and international research/studies/projects related to environmental impact assessments, climate change interventions, policy level assessment, engineering design, modeling & implementation, monitoring & evaluation, surveys, technology transfer and strategy development in the field of WASH, Climate Change resilience, CDM, green growth and RET. He is a member of the international WSSCC consortium and has a proven track record in conducting policy level training and real time surveys as well.

Aadit Malla

Renewable Energy Engineer

Mr. Malla has specialized in Renewable Energy Technology assessment with focus on biomass technologies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently pursuing Master’s degree in Energy and Environment Management at the University of Flensburg, Germany. He has over 3 years of experience in the Renewable Energy sector in Nepal. He has been involved in biogas technology transfer, municipal waste to energy studies, commercial biogas feasibility studies and studies/projects related to energy baseline, energy efficiency, municipal energy plan, preparation of municipal energy guidelines, business potential assessment, policy analysis, and strategy development in the field of renewable energy.

Sarita Silpakar

Admin and Finance Officer

Ms. Shilpakar is currently working in MinErgy as Finance Officer. She has completed BBS from Tribhuvan University. Before being engaged in MinErgy as staff since 2017, she was involved in Innovative Machinery Pvt. Ltd. as marketing officer where she was challenged to market a unique product, a brick making machine. She is also one of the board members of MinErgy team. Always a one to loves challenges, she feels working in MinErgy is not less than a challenge and she is enjoying it. She likes listening to music and dancing during her free time.

Sanjeer Lal Shrestha

Administration and Operation Officer

Mr. Shrestha holds an Intermediate Degree in Management from Tribhuvan University. He supports the technical staff in various field related activities such as installation & operation of improved charring technologies, improved cooking stoves and innovative brick making machines. Sanjeer joined the team in July 2013. Before this he was working in various jobs like money exchange and Sajha publication. He says at first he found it difficult to work in this new area, but he learnt as he went along and now he is well adapted to various projects he provides his inputs to.

Shukamaya Majhi

Office Assistant

Ms. Majhi makes sure that everyone at work is comfortable and their needs are met.


Shyam Sundar Shrestha

Techno-economic Analyst

Mr. Shrestha is one of the key members of the group. His expertise is on engineering design and development. He has a Masters Degree in Renewable Energy from DALARNA University, Sweden (with a specialization in PC thermal hybrid systems) and Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Roorkee, India (with a specialization in Solar Home Heating). Professionally, he has more than twenty years of work experience in design, development and implementation of ropeway transport technology; design, development and assessment of small and micro hydropower projects in Nepal.

Manohar Manandhar

Agri-Cooperative Advisor

Mr. Manandhar is a key member in the MinErgy team. He supplements MinErgy team to provide inputs on organic agriculture, cooperative management as well as leveraging financing options for local economic growth. His extensive hands-on experiences in managing local cooperatives supplement his Bachelor’s Degree in Science. He opined that the team is open to new ideas and take risks to think beyond the boxes.

Test Team Member

Test Designation

Rajesh Maharjan has done MSc in Sustainable Water, Sanitation and Health (Environmental Engineering) and GIS as a core subject. He has done BE in Civil Engineering from Institute of Engineering in Kathmandu. He has more than 10 years of professional experiences in planning, designing and management of WASH infrastructures, assessment of WASH related infrastructures, designing and estimating of water supply schemes and toilets.

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