Areas of Expertise

  • Design, development and transfer of cleaner brick firing technologies
  • Assessment and design of policy and regulatory framework
  • Promotion of cost effective, environmental friendly and socially responsive (CESEF) construction technologies and practices


Cleaner brick production

Apart from strengthening adoption of cleaner brick making technologies by brick kiln owners in Nepal and selected South Asian countries

Implementation of Nepal component of Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s (CCAC) Brick Initiative in South Asia Region

This project built capacity by providing

Green and Resilient Construction Materials for Post-Earthquake Reconstruction in Nepal

Helped to develop an action plan for post-earthquake Nepal to transform

Post-earthquake design and construction of improved zigzag kilns

This project revived the brick sector post 2015 earthquake, making it environmentally sound, energy efficient and structurally safe

Transfer of VSBK technology to Rwanda, South Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Feasibility study, preparation of detail design and drawings, construction supervision, capacity building of local technicians and technical support

Dissemination of cost effective and alternative building materials and construction technologies

This project provided training (quality identification, handling and operation) on basic building construction