Request for quotations for the procurement of 58 units of analog flow meters

Company Description

MinErgy Initiatives is a non- profit, non-governmental organization that was registered with District Administration Office and Affiliated with Social Welfare Council in 2011. It helps to Implement Corporate Social Responsibility projects covering public health, education, energy, environment and climate.

About the project

MinErgy Initiatives in partnership with International Water Management Institute (IWMI) is implementing the “Solar Water Mini Grid with Smart Analog Meter for Optimization of Solar Irrigation Pumps and its Widespread Adoption among Small Landholding Farmers of Nepal” project. This is an innovation project that aims to improve access of poor farmers with small farm sizes to solar irrigation pump (SIP) services, and to promote efficient and just distribution of groundwater resources extracted through a community-based Solar Irrigation Plant (SIP).

In order to address the above concerns regarding a lack of access of poor and smallholder farmers to SIP systems, uncertainty around the financial viability and sustainable operation of a community-based SIP system, and to encourage the efficient use of groundwater resources extracted through the SIP systems, the concept of solar water minigrid is proposed for a community-based 10 kW SIP system being managed by Kuleni Mishrit Kishan Samuha (KMKS) based in Devchuli Municipality of Nawalpur district, Nepal.

Request for Quotation

MinErgy Initiatives invites quotations for the procurement of 58 units of analog flow meters for Kuleni Mishrit Krishak Samuha at Devchuli Municipality of Nawalpur district with the following specifications

  • Woltman Vane wheel Cold type Water Meter
  • Cast Iron ISO4064, Class B
  • Flange End
  • 16bar IP68
  • DN100

Eligibility Criteria

The firm must submit the following documents for minimum eligibility.

  1. Firm/company registration certificate
  2. PAN registration certificate
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate 2077-78
  4. The quotation should be submitted in Nepali Rupees.
  5. The quotation will be analyzed on least cost basis.

Interested applicants are requested to submit the quotations along with other documents to The last date for submission of quotation is 6th April 2022.

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